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Feel the ultimate thrill of flying as you leap from the aircraft 3 km above the earth!

Experience the rush of adrenaline as you soar through the sky at 200 kph (that's 55 meters per second!)

Catch your breath and experience the wonder of flying your parachute, assisted by your instructor, back to the dropzone for a soft, smooth landing ...




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You've watched others do it, seen the videos and photos and thought to yourself, "I've really gotta try that one day" . Well don't put it off any longer, let us make that dream a reality today! Imagine the thrill of up to 30 seconds of freefall! The serenity of floating under a parachute with nothing around you!

Skydiving is a thrill of a lifetime, but at the same time the thought of doing a solo skydive may be intimidating to some. Tandem skydives are performed by attaching the student to the tandem-master as shown in the picture on the left. All you have to do is lie back and enjoy the ride! We realize that skydiving is not a sport for everyone but would still like to offer the opportunity to those who choose to do it only once, just to say, "HEY!!! I DID IT!!!"

If when after you make your tandem jump, you would like to continue onto a solo career, let us know and we will arrange for your transition to the Static-Line or Accelerated Freefall Programs. A Tandem Skydive makes a great gift for an adventurous friend or relative. Partners can be accommodated together on the same aircraft load - albeit with different Tandem instructors - if they so desire.

A cameraman can be arranged to record your experience on the ground and during free-fall to capture that one HECK OF A RIDE!!! Footage is recorded on video tape or on DVD (your choice), allowing you to relive the experience with all your friends over and over again!

On arrival at the drop zone you will be given a 15 minute briefing on what to expect. First you'll be fitted with a jumpsuit and harness. Your instructor will adjust the harness to fit you in the most comfortable manner possible. He will briefly discuss the basics of freefall body position and what you can do to help yourself have the best time possible. You'll then board the waiting aircraft for a scenic ride to 10 000 feet above ground level.

The ride to altitude is a good time to ask your instructor any questions you may still have about the sport of skydiving. Just prior to arrival at altitude your instructor will verify that everything is ready for the jump and will ask you if you are "ready to skydive?" The next 30 seconds will be the most exciting of your life! The thrill of freefalling above the earth at up to 200 kilometers an hour is a sensation that cannot be put into words.

The instructor pulls the rip-cord at 5 000 feet and after the parachute opens you'll be amazed at the peace and serenity of canopy flight as you receive hands on instruction on parachute flight, shortly before you're brought back to a soft safe landing back on mother earth. You'll be thrilled, you'll be amazed and you'll wonder what took you so long?

The personal challenge is immense.  Immense, because the only thing preventing you from enjoying this, one of the most primal life shaping experiences, is your own mind.  You must choose.  To go through life able to say "yes, I did it", or to go through life knowing that you had the opportunity, but you turned it down and walked away from becoming the complete person you could have been.



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Tandem Skydives
from R1 550.00


You will be required to complete a brief medical questionnaire prior to making your skydive.  The maximum weight for tandem passengers is 100 kgs (220 lbs).  There are no age limits - we have taken passengers up to 85 years of age - however if you are under 18 written consent from a parent or guardian is required.

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